Wednesday, September 12, 2012
A new school year has started and I'm an official SUB for both AM and PM Kinders.  I LOVE MY JOB and am hopeful of getting hired on finally!  With that said, I started the school year in full teacher mode.  My kiddos (notice I said my . . . getting a little (a LOT) attached) are great.  Their bright smiling faces brighten each day.  One kiddo is not so happy.  A lot going on at home that gets brought to school in the manner of defiance.  This has been my most challenging moment as a teacher.  How to handle the defiant child.  You say yes . . . she says no.  You say blue . . . she says blue is a stupid color.  HELP!!!  I'm about down to the bottom of my bag of tricks.  Still have some major ones to try, but am hopeful that with a LOT of patience, love, and understanding, she will become my best and most wonderful student.  Any tricks or tips are GREATLY appreciated as I journey down this road with her in making each day the BEST it can BE!!!!