Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Joys of Teaching

So with it only being the first few weeks of school, I have needed to have a sub for various reasons already!  Illness, meetings, assessments . . . Having to retrain Kinders to get them back on task and making smart choices after being gone is definitely a task in itself!  I am hoping they remember our classroom rules and expectations and are easy on our guest teachers!  Anyone else have tips or tricks to use with kiddos during these transition times?  Bribery always works well!!  :)
Monday, September 16, 2013

National Boards and Start of the School Year!

Well, we have officially started our school year and are into the start of our second full week.  I have two wonderful groups of kiddos 23 in my morning class and 24 in my afternoon.  I forgot how little in size they are at the start of the year and how much guidance they need just to do the simple things that my kiddos were able to do automatically by the end of last year!  DIBELS testing has been done, now time to start on figuring out Reading Groups!  We are still working on introducing each letter and letter sound and working on our best BEST handwriting!

We are also starting our journey through the National Board Certification process.  Our first meeting with our wonderful school district's very own Cadre' is tonight after school and BOY to I feel unprepared!  I have just started collecting materials for my professional development entry and have only thought about the other entries in passing!  I have my timeline and standards posted on my teacher board right next to my desk just inches from my nose!!!  I really want to make sure that I know these and encompass these standards into my daily teaching and interactions with children and parents and peers.  I feel like I am putting a lot . . a TON of stress on myself this year along with being a mom to my wonderful two year old, middle schooler, and high schooler!!!  I will think about the rewards not only for myself professionally but also personally and to make my family proud!