Wednesday, January 29, 2014

National Boards Video Entry 3 take . . . sigh . . .

In working on the video portion of my EC Gen. Entry 3 essay and video, I realize that not only have I failed to really READ the requirements, but the Sink and Float Unit with water tubs does not go over well with Kindergartners!  There was water splashed all over the place!  Oh MY!

So, back to the drawing board and switching Science Units to Comparing and Measuring which is definitely more Math based, but one of our district required lessons. 

While selecting my video entry, where I found I needed to change it up was video taping the whole class vs. a small group.  Entry 2 is video a group of no less than 6, Entry 3 requires a whole class experience.  While I still struggle with the words "whole class experience" I hope that I have finally nailed it as this turned out to be a pretty good lesson with great cooperative kiddos!

I created the worksheet we used to guide us on our Comparing and Measuring journey . . . below is a sample of what we did during this lesson. 

It was my hope that the kiddos could do this independently but they still required assistance.   In the video requirements of providing a whole class experience, I did have some students in small groups with adult assistance just to keep the kiddos on task.  It's Kindergarten!  They are 5!  Whole class experience without adult guidance would provide mass organized chaos!  I typically have wonderful helpers and volunteers in my classroom and am blessed to have them in my classroom.
With that said, as I start to write my Entry 3 and review my video, I am keeping in mind those looming words "whole classroom experience".  I hope and pray that I am meeting the requirements.  We will see! 



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