Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer projects begin!

So what do you do on your summer vacation?
I am taking advantage of the TIME and getting some projects done that I have been dreaming about as we will start full-day Kindergarten for 2014!

The first of the projects was to replace my puppet theater.  I had moved from IN to WA five years ago and after 18 interviews, had given up hope of having my own classroom again.  I donated my old puppet theater and some fabulous Folkmanis puppets to a starting Kinder teacher (and my Assistant Principal's daughter).  Now with full day K . . . I dreamed of a new theater and fun for my new kiddos!  Without hesitation as I was searching online, my husband said "I can build that for less and build it bigger!"  SO . . . without hesitation, he started on the two day project.  I helped (supervise) of course.  We visited our local Home Depot and bought a large sheet of whiteboard and 2 x 4's for the framing.  I loved that he "allowed" me to stain the wood pieces and help with the cutting.  He added some beautiful touches like the ledge and making the top a bit more fancy.  I don't sew, so right now it has no curtain, but I have a great friend who does!  I am just being very picky for the right fabric.  I plan on just using a curtain rod to hold it in place.  Add some puppets and some kiddos and we are done!  In the meantime, my beautiful daughter, Emily, and my "wanna be Kinder teacher" Matthew will enjoy it in my living room until school starts!  Hey, WHO doesn't want a puppet theater in their living room?!  :)


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